Coming Home from California

My mom, sister, and I had such a great trip visiting friends in California. The weather was chilly and wonderful (a nice break from the Georgia heat!)

I spent time with my west coast little sister/ soccer star!

Shopped in Newport Beach at Fashion Island

Admired the gorgeous palm tree entrances (& Neimans)

Visited Coronado, where Marilyn Monroe filmed Some Like it Hot

Ate mexican comida authentica downtown

We also visited the Rainbow Sandals store! My mom, sister, and I all left with new shoes!

This is the pair I got. I wanted to get the classic style! The shoes are eco-friendly, and have a lifetime guarantee! It was a fun experience buying shoes that I'll potentially have for life!

The four hour plane ride is grueling, I don't mind flying but sitting for four hours is tough! Luckily, I had:

Thanks, CEC!

I'm also thinking that purchasing these might be in order...

California is a great place, but I am so glad to be home! Now, it's crunch time, crafting and finishing up decorating my athens house before school starts!

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