Gift Guide for The Hostess

Gift Guide for the Hostess

Gift Guide for the Hostess by tbartik on polyvore.com

Not only is it thoughtful, but it is down right good manners to bring a hostess gift to any party you attend. A candle is a great idea that almost anyone would love. I love Voluspa. An orchid is such a classic flower that will look great in any home, and it's also easy to maintain! Last, a beautiful set of coasters is a really nice gift. I love the Emerald ones above, or check out needlepoint coasters from Smathers and Branson. Your hostess will surely appreciate it as she put so much work into making the party enjoyable! A nice Thank You follow up card should be your next step. Good manners are timeless and you will always be remembered for them!

I know that I would love to receive this beauty from C Wonder. I will always be loyal to Tory Burch, but this Tortoise Tumbler really strikes my fancy.

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  1. Thanks for posting, because I was in need of finding a hostess gift! Great suggestions! I'm having a giveaway, go check it out and enter to win lots of goodies! :)


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